Why Good Oud?

Purveyors of high quality sustainable precious oils

Oud (Oudh) (Agarwood) oil perfume is an ancient hidden treasure of fragrance and has been treasured for centuries as liquid gold. Best Priced Each Month. I buy one oil each month and sell it at a great price so you all can benefit. Get it while it lasts.

I only sell 100% pure cultivated Agarwood Oil (Oud) distilled from sustainable sources, much of it from Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. I ship from Australia to all countries except the Americas.

A Little Of My Story

A passion to share the best I can find with lovers of Oud and other precious oils

For years as a perfumer I had heard of this alluring wood oil called Oud. I acquired my first bottle of Oud (agarwood oil) in Hanoi down a side street in the old quarter from a well known retailer. I fell in love from the first inhale of the multi layered, deeply complex and incredible beautiful natural aromatic. Many say it is the perfume of God. Since then I have spent countless hours researching, learning and making genuine connections with some of the best producers of Oud in south east Asia. Last month I acquired a small batch of only 120 ml of a wonderful Oud from a Thai supplier.

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